Looking for a way to help out? Thanks for considering volunteering at Ministry with Community (MwC). For any questions or to schedule a tour, contact Megan Stull, Volunteer and Operations Coordinator at 343-6073 ext. 134 or volunteers@ministrywithcommunity.org.

At MwC, we’re able to serve more people without dramatically increasing our budget by encouraging our members and community friends to volunteer. Volunteers work in the kitchen, serve food, clean, carry groceries, make candles, answer phones and manage the reception area. All volunteers at MwC must be able to interact with others with compassion, flexibility, and sensitivity. Volunteers must also have the ability to serve adults experiencing homelessness, poverty, mental illness, and/or substance abuse.

All volunteer jobs require a personal interview and orientation with our Volunteer Coordinator as well as basic training. Volunteers younger than 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Current Volunteer Needs

Activity Leader: Activity volunteers put the fun and games into MwC! Activity volunteers help provide members with fun, entertaining or educational activities. This opportunity is a great way to share your talents, skills and interests with our members. Some examples of activity opportunities include bingo, holiday parties, board games, arts & crafts, etc. Volunteers will collaborate with the Volunteer Coordinator to create and plan activities for our members. We ask that volunteers provide supplies & prizes unless other arrangements are made with the Volunteer Coordinator. Activity hours are set by the volunteers and the Volunteer Coordinator.

Barber/Beautician: Licensed volunteers can provide cuts and styles in our barber shop. These services are offered to all of our members. The volunteer may use their own products; however, some products will be provided.  Volunteers who would like to work in our barber shop must be licensed and have experience in hair-styling and be willing and able to cut hair of all genders and ethnicity. Hours are set by the volunteer and Volunteer Coordinator.

Computer Lab Assistant: The Computer Lab Volunteer works with our members 1-on-1 to access job and housing resources, work on resumes, follow up on leads, etc. This position is crucial to helping our members improve themselves both personally and professional. Volunteers in this position must possess basic knowledge of computers, the internet, and Microsoft Office. Computer Lab Volunteers are asked to work at least one 2 hour shift weekly. Weekday shifts from 8am-5pm are available. Hours are set by the volunteer and the Member Services Coordinator.

Data Entry Volunteers: Volunteers work with office staff to update, create and maintain databases.  Data entry volunteers must make at least an 8 hour commitment to doing data entry and will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to working with data.  Hours are Monday-Friday 9am-4pm.  Volunteers set their hours with Volunteer Coordinator.  All data to be entered from the MwC offices.

Front Desk: The Front Desk is considered our “frontlines.” As a direct service provider, the front desk is the main location that provides access to all of our services to our members. Volunteers greet members and guests, answer questions regarding our services, monitor laundry/shower lists and distribute mail & personal care items. This position is great for volunteers looking for interaction with others and for providing services to people. Hours are available during the afternoon on Wednesday and Sunday. The volunteer will work with the Member Services Coordinator to set a schedule.

Gleaning Volunteers: Gleaners are volunteers that pick up food donations from local restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores and bring them to Ministry with Community. Volunteers must provide their own transportation for food donation pick-ups. This position is perfect for someone with a busy schedule who is unable to serve onsite at MwC but is still looking to give back to their community. Gleaners are able to set their schedule based upon the donations available and the availability on the gleaning calendar. To access the gleaning calendar, contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

Meal Service Volunteers: Meals are served twice a day and 365 days of the year at MwC. On a given day we typically serve 300-500 people. Meal Servers assist with kitchen duties required to serve lunch time meals to members. These duties include: preparation of food, setting tables, serving lunch, and cleaning the dining room. Breakfast Severs are scheduled from 7:15-9:15am and Lunch Servers are scheduled from 12:45-2:45pm. Meal Servers work with the Volunteer Coordinator to set their schedule.

Phone Room Volunteers: The Phone Room Volunteer helps support the front desk staff/volunteers by directing phone calls to the correct extension/person. Unlike the front desk position the Phone Room Volunteer will have their own room to take calls in. It requires less interaction with our members and more interaction with community members on the phone. Hours are flexible. The volunteer will work with the Member Services Coordinator to set a schedule.

Piano Player/Musician: Musicians are needed to help provide entertain our members during meal service. Musicians are expected to play for the entire hour. A piano is provided by Ministry with Community. We ask that musicians bring their own sheet music. Other types of musicians are welcome to play during our meal services as long as they can provide their own instruments and sheet music. Volunteers will work with the Volunteer Coordinator to set their schedule.

Library: We have a wonderful selection of donated books here at MwC we want to get into the hands of our members. Volunteers who sign up for library simply roll out our book shelf cart into the member’s commons area. The volunteer will have a notebook where they simple fill in the sheets inside with the name of the book, date it is given out and member’s name. Volunteering for the library is one of the most flexible volunteer opportunities that we have at MwC as far as scheduling. Volunteers set their hours with Volunteer Coordinator. 

Welcome Desk: Volunteers at the welcome desk have a simple but very important position: greeting anyone who walks through our doors with a smile and cheerful greeting. Welcome Desk volunteers will also assist people with mobility issues or those with strollers and anyone else who may need help by holding open the doors. The volunteer is this role will also be given a basic knowledge of what is happening in the building to answer questions asked and give direction to those inquiring. Welcome Desk volunteers should be cheerful, polite and well-spoken as they will be the first face represent MwC as people enter. Volunteers set their hours with Volunteer Coordinator. 

Triage: Volunteer will work with our social work team to sign in members who would like to meet with one of our social workers. Volunteers in Triage will also be trained to answer basic questions about how our social work programs works and act as an extra set of eyes on the waiting room (triage) area. Triage volunteers may also be asked to use a provided computer to log data into MwC software. Volunteers will report to the Program Director while on site. Schedules will be set by the Volunteer Coordinator.

Silverware Roller:This opportunity is great for volunteers who are interested in a regular weekly schedule and wanting a calm, introspective, low volume job. The volunteer will help the kitchen staff prepare up to 300 sets of rolled silverware for distribution during lunch. Volunteers shifts are Sunday-Saturday from 9:30 AM -11:30 AM.  

Lunchtime Silverware Coordinator/Dryer: This opportunity is great for volunteers who are interested in a regular weekly schedule, appreciate cleanliness, and understand the importance of safe food handling. This position is extremely helpful to our Kitchen Staff as they prepare and serve up to 300 meals to those in need. Volunteers will help to ensure that all silverware is properly cleaned as it comes through the dishwasher and setting it to safely dry and store for the following day or to re-roll silverware for meals if rolled silverware runs low. Volunteers shifts are Sunday-Saturday from 1:30 PM- 3:30 PM